Studio Premia Alana

Alana Saphin, was born in Sydney, Australia, however was quickly looped around the world from a young age. Traveling with her family & living in Toronto, Tokyo, Singapore & New York how could she not be inspired by the irreverent and diverse fashions and cultures she’s been exposed too. From Cat Street, Omotesando, the cobble stones of Rome, fabric markets in Delhi, the stoops of Brooklyn Heights, NY - you would find a child - teenager - young woman - now - absorbed in her surroundings and the people within it. 



Upon returning to Australia from New York, with her two young daughters, and with the changing landscape of fashion, the environment & trade; Alana immersed herself in the Australian fashion industry - from buyers to wholesalers, pattern makers, remnant fabric houses and manufacturers.

“Our aim is to bring you a collection that not only feels beautiful to wear, but also feels beautiful against your skin. préMIA is inspired by travel, our love of the ocean, the feeling that a garment à la coupe parfaite (with the perfect fit) evokes and the strength of the women around us (near, far, past & present). When you know your maker, know that your clothing contributes to sustainability and will live on in your wardrobe for years to come; there is a certain "butterfly" feeling or a je ne sais quoi to that... no? There is nothing “quick” about Studio préMIA. Slow and steady wins the race…as they say. We hope you fall in love as much as we have.” - Alana